New & Unusual Speciality Items

New & Unusual Speciality Items

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New, Unusual  & Speciality Items

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Tillandsia, Xerographica

Fairy Garden Assortment

Staghorn Plaques

Dragon Series

Unique Calathea

Philo Pink Princess & Thai Constellation, Peru, Fuzzy Petiole

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Beautiful, Durable PLANT TOTE!! NEW!!! - $4.95



















8" Dieffenbachia DayGlo


Bright solid yellow leaves with white vein and dark green coloration on the trim.

(pack 6) @ $10.90

10" Agloenemea Antigua


Dark green leaves with light & medium green splotches of color.

(pack 2) @ $19.50

Alocasia 'Tiny Dancers' 


This plant has such uniqueness; it will be perfect for the garden or in a pot. 'Tiny Dancers' stands tall at only 12 - 14 inches high with bright green stems and leaves that cup at the end. It will last for months on your patio.

Alocasia 'Regal Shields'


Alocasia 'Regal Shields' has nearly black leaves with a burgundy underneath. It grows in a small rosette that can be mature in a six inch pot, but can easily fill out a gallon. Eventually they will form small trunks.

Colocasia 'Electric Blue' Gecko™


A dwarf colocasia, Electric Blue Gecko only reaches 2 - 3' and grows in a clump. Each leaf is extremely dark black to metallic blue or purple, depending on the lights' reflection. The undersides of the leaves are dark maroon.

Calathea 'Fusion White' PPAF


Calathea 'Fusion White' is a showy plant with variegated marbled white/green color on the surface of the leaves and light purple color on the under leaves. Calathea 'Fusion White' overall shows a compact look even as a full grown plant. It is suitable for the following pot sizes: 4", 5", 6" or 8" pots.

Gasteria 'Royal Wolfgang'


Gasteria 'Royal Wolfgang' is a deep green, upright succulent with a fun polka-dot texture. 

Nepenthes 'Linda'


Nepenthes 'Linda' has deep green foliage and gets a lot of cups. 

Musa Tropicana


Tight Growing Dwarf Banana Tight compact petioles and uniform growth ? No PGR's required Plants will NOT bolt and therefore ? will grow evenly 2", 4", 5", 6", 8" & 10" pots! 

Sansevieria 'Motom Kenya'


This Sansevieria already shows a nice pair of leaves while still being very compact. The slightly darker print on it's leaves attract the eye even more! It's a real eye catcher that due to the compact growth makes it perfectly suitable for any room in your home! Besides that, it is also very strong and easy to take care of!

Sansevieria 'Robusta Dark'


This species of Sansevieria has a beautiful natural strong growth. Just look at it! Doesn't it look strong?! That's why it's called Robusta. This plant really wants to show off and tell everybody that it's just UNIQUE! Of course it is easy to take care of and perfect for your living room! Also for those who easily forget to take care of their plants!


Philodendron 'Little Hope' PPAF


Philodendron 'Little Hope' is a selection of Selloum Philodendron produced from Tissue Culture. It is an extra compact, self-heading form of Selloum. It appears to be resistant to common diseases of Philodendrons and works well in the landscape or interior. 

Agave 'Spaghetti Strap'


Agave 'Spaghetti Strap' - Shade grown agave that is new for the interiorscape industry. A turf look that will last with low maintenance and longer tech cycles. 

Spathiphyllum Platinum Varieties


We proudly introduce Spathiphyllum 'Platinum Dreams' and 'Platinum Mist'. Two beautiful new Spathiphyllum with unique platinum colored foliage that adds interest and value even without flowers and even more interest and value with flowers. Platinum Dreams and Mist have that extra spark to standout in the green crowd. 


Dracaena marginata 'Red Waters'

This beautiful new Dracaena features burgundy colored foliage and a compact growth habit. Ideal for 6", 8" and 10" pots.

Homalomena 'Sunshine Gem'

Homalomena 'Sunshine Gem' has photoperiodic foliage a unique characteristic that causes the plant's new foliage to change color with the seasons.In the long days the foliage is a dark green then as the days become shorter the foliage emerges with a fluorescent chartreuse color making for a spectacular show during the winter months. 

Guzmania 'ACE' [P]

Guzmania 'Ace' [P] is a fast growing plant with nice broad leaves suitable for a 6-8 inch pot. It has a cone shaped inflorescence with a purple colour and slightly yellow at the tips of the floral bracts. 


Guzmania 'Freya' [P]

Guzmania 'Freya' [P] has a beautiful pink star shaped inflorescence and therefore a welcome addition to the current color assortment of Guzmania 'Rana' [P],'Ostara', 'Luna' and 'Switch' [P]. This plant can be grown in a 6 inch pot. 


Vriesea 'Vision' [P]

Vriesea 'Vision' [P] is an easy growing plant, with a good branched and clear yellow inflorescence, which makes a good contrast with the red flower stalk. The plant is suitable for a 6 inch pot and is a important addition in the Vriesea assortment. 

Guzmania 'Lorena'

Guzmania 'Lorena' has a solid, deep red flower with magenta tips and compact foliage. Suitable for a 4 inch or 5 inch pot.

Guzmania 'Juliette'

  Guzmania 'Juliette' has a bright pink flower with magenta tips and dark burgundy foliage. 


Tibouchina Hippie Dippie Tibbies ™ Peace Baby PPAF


OUTSTANDING DISPLAYS FOR CONTAINER AND OUTSIDE SMALL GARDENS! .Stunning large white flowers .Suitable for both cool and tropical climates .Very hardy and easy to grow. Extremely compact For 4"-10" Pots. 


Tibouchina Hippie Dippie Tibbies ™ Groovy Baby


For 4" to 6" pots THE ORIGINAL DWARF TIBOUCHINA! .Large, vibrant, purple flowers .Extremely compact .Suitable for both cool and tropical climates .Attractive green foliage accentuated by seasonal copper tones .Outstanding displays for containers and small gardens. 



More new varieties coming....................